Ningbo Brynick Enterprises Limited

Ningbo Brynick Enterprises Limited Ningbo Brynick Enterprises Limited Ningbo Brynick Enterprises Limited Ningbo Brynick Enterprises Limited
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Business Type: Manufacturer
Main Market: North America
Western Europe
Brands: Brynick
No. of Employees: 400~420
Annual Sales: 25million-30million
Year Established: 2006
Export p.c: 90% - 100%
About Us

Ningbo Brynick Enterprises Limited, established in 2006, is an innovative company who integrate the production and sales of warehouse equipment. After a dozen years of market experience and professional development, we are now a modern factory specializing in manufacturing and exporting different storage and safety equipment. We always aim to be a world-level supplier in industrial products and have built strong business relationships with large factories and industrial firms around the world, therefore enjoying a remarkable reputation both domestically and overseas.

Our products include a multitude of industrial equipment that are useful in many firms, including but not limited to supermarkets, warehouses, factories, power plants, research laboratories, retail stores, and offices etc. The first category we focus on is for storage. Whether you are a large industrial firm looking for sturdy racks/shelves for storage of heavy equipment or you are a biochemical lab in need of a service cart for transporting Erlenmeyer flasks, Brynick will satisfy your need with the variety of product selection and customization we offer. The second main category is for safety and/or security. Products such as folding wire container securely transports delicate products, while the mesh security partition offers the secure storage, protection and visibility of factory products, while the cylinder storage cabinet locker keeps flammable material or dangerous chemicals securely stored. Besides from the main categories, we also have related safety and storage accessories, available on www.brynick.com.

We have over 50 products with different specifications available and 100+ customizable accessories to select from. With 12 years of industry experience, our products are packaged to be space efficient and easy to assemble. Depending on the specification and requirements of the customers, we can manufacture parts with different materials and dimensions. Most of the instructions for assembly and product details can be found on http://brynick.com/download/cat1.pdf.


In February 2006, Brynick was first created by Qihua Zhang and Yijuan Mao in Ningbo, China with only 2 employees.

In April 2006, Brynick started first business with customer in Taiwan, focusing in storage/shelving in supermarkets

In May 2008, Brynick has expanded production to 50+ different products aimed at supermarkets and department stores worldwide, including heavy duty shelving customized for different regions (i.e. American style, European style, Australian style etc.) as well as display racks and shopping carts that are available in all sizes and shapes.

In August 2008, Brynick formally set up a quality control department, designating 2 engineers on ensuring high quality of manufactured products both during manufacturing assembly line and before shipping.

In September 2008, the customer service department is created, with designated personnel contacting firms and individual customers to troubleshoot product assembly and provide feedback.

In October 2008, Brynick first started exporting to Australia.

In June 2009, Brynick started a partnership with Grainger Industrial Supply, signing a contract for providing large quantities of shelves for supermarkets(?)

In July 2010, Brynick has a total of 12 workers in the office, with 5 R&D engineers working on developing new generation product for security/storage industry.

In June 2011, Brynick office moved to high-tech area of Ningbo, with office space available for 20+ workers.

In December 2013, Brynick’s factory included 20,000 m2 production areas, with more than 400 workers

In January 2014, Brynick expanded into safety industry with 20 more products including woven wire mesh security partitions, steel folding gate etc.

In August of 2018, Brynick opened a new warehouse in Fall 2018 facilitating shipping for North American customers.


Our company focuses on supplying both the domestic and overseas market with their specialized needs. In the past, Brynick products have been exported to many countries across Asia, Europe, America, Oceania, and Africa. Our previous customers have been satisfied with the high-quality products and excellent customer service. We have partnered with companies such as Grainger Industrial Supply and have a good reputation with everyone that we have worked with. But Brynick has always strived to be better and more innovative. We are planning to open a warehouse in Fall 2018 to facilitate shipping for customers in North America.

Brynick’s mission is to always strive for higher and better, and to become the leader in supplying industrial products. Without your support, we cannot reach this goal. I am confident that we can establish long term relationship and business partners with your trust and our high-quality service. Welcome and thank you for your interest!

Our Team

We offer OEM service, which applies to all specifications listed in our online catalogue. The different materials, thickness, models, accessories, capacities and etc. listed are the ones that are common products produced by Brynick. If you are interested in our products with a different dimension, please feel free to contact us at any time and describe your design to us. We will look to expand the range of model numbers and add it to our collection.

We also offer ODM service, which applies to most industrial products in storage and safety equipment. The service is similar to our OEM service, in which customers can contact us about their product, giving us samples or design models. We will look to implement it as a new design and improve on it with our R&D team.

Technical support

Most of the instructions for assembling the parts of our products and descriptions for each part can be found along with the product catalogue on our website. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact our technical service department, and they will clarify on instructions of industrial implementation.

After Sales Service

We have a strong after sales department dedicated to helping our customers. The customer service department have dedicated workers that reach out to customers and buyers and ask them for their opinions on our products. We then reflect upon the feedback of our customers and work towards improving our designs through continual innovation.


In the past, we have used many different shipping services such as DHL, FedEx, UPS etc. We are looking forward to use Amazon shipping to facilitate transport time and efficiency.

IV. Our Team

(1). We have our own R&D team with 7 engineers, focusing on researching the market and looking for different needs in each global market, and incorporate current designs to initiate projects on new generation products. This team works closely with customer service team to discern implementable updates on our current products.

(2). The ideas submitted by the R&D team then goes to our product design department. This department maintains communication with R&D team at all times and turn ideas into CAD prototypes and actual parts. The new prototype is then tested and measurements of the efficiency/load are compared to similar products in the market. This department also gladly provide ODM & OEM service.

(3). Our production line consists of 20000 m2 of factory space with 400+ workers organized into assembly lines for different products. Instructions for each step of manufacturing is carefully laid out at each work station.

(4). Production management team/quality service team has grown from 2 engineers to more then 10 managers in the past 10 years. During production, the product is being tested at different stages to make sure that the specifications of the customers are met and the dimensions are exactly designed to fit the expected dimensions. After manufacturing, the products are again tested for maximum load to ensure safety and possible safety hazard are examined to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

(5). The customer service team addresses the questions and concerns of customers and help them with technical difficulties and implementation instructions. Brynick has a supply of common parts our companies’ products; however, supply might fall low during seasons of high demand. Please feel free to contact us at your convenience! Brynick will also reach out to our customers through email and social medias, having a email response policy within 2 business days.

(6). We offer customizable products for all customers. You can either choose one of the specifications listed on our catalogue or send us a blueprint of the specific dimensions or materials that you want. We will design and develop based on the samples you send us and leave you satisfied.

Contact Us

Henry Zhang

Tel: +86-574-87324016

Fax: +86-574-87324400

e mail: zhangqh@brynick.com


Skype: Zhang0909


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