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About Us

Ningbo Brynick Enterprises Limited, established in 2006, is an innovative company who integrate the production and sales of warehouse equipment. After a dozen years of market experience and professional development, we are now a modern factory specializing in manufacturing and exporting different storage and safety equipment. We always aim to be a world-level supplier in industrial products and have built strong business relationships with large factories and industrial firms around the world, therefore enjoying a remarkable reputation both domestically and overseas.

Our products include a multitude of industrial equipment that are useful in many firms, including but not limited to supermarkets, warehouses, factories, power plants, research laboratories, retail stores, and offices etc. The first category we focus on is for storage. Whether you are a large industrial firm looking for sturdy racks/shelves for storage of heavy equipment or you are a biochemical lab in need of a service cart for transporting Erlenmeyer flasks, Brynick will satisfy your need with the variety of product selection and customization we offer. The second main category is for safety and/or security. Products such as folding wire container securely transports delicate products, while the mesh security partition offers the secure storage, protection and visibility of factory products, while the cylinder storage cabinet locker keeps flammable material or dangerous chemicals securely stored. Besides from the main categories, we also have related safety and storage accessories, available on

We have over 50 products with different specifications available and 100+ customizable accessories to select from. With 12 years of industry experience, our products are packaged to be space efficient and easy to assemble. Depending on the specification and requirements of the customers, we can manufacture parts with different materials and dimensions. Most of the instructions for assembly and product details can be found on

Customer Ever Said

Work with Brynick is AWESOME, alway delivery on time with quality problem. -- Hormise Khoshaba

Great Packing Design, high quality product and never headache for delivery whatever the order size. -- Carlos Lewis